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The world of Edos is changing. A mage just finishing up his formal training seeks the cause in order to make his mark.

Comics - Chapter 1 End

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Creator's Comments:

Akutare, February 12th, 2013, 10:51 pm (Reply)
End of Chapter 1 Cover/Review Image. - A cover at the end of a chapter? I'm a rebel. (Well more like, I can't decide what I want for a cover until I did the whole thing. Plus it gives me something to post as I talk a bit about my final thoughts on this chapter and take a little extra time to work on the script for Chapter 2.)

Anyhow, since I'm working on the script for Chapter 2, I wanted to post up this in the meantime and give a few thoughts on Chapter 1. Huzzah I finally finished it, full color too! That was kind of an ordeal. Moving forward I'm not sure if I will keep full color or not. I could if it means a lot to people, but I also think it could be nice to move a bit faster too, and not coloring would save me a lot of time. I might try a slightly different program though or hire a colorist to help out. I haven't officially decided yet, but I need to find a way to streamline a few parts.

When I went back to do this cover I had to look at older pages and I was actually able to see how much pickier I got over the course. Hmm, perhaps that's some of why it started to take longer too. I didn't really notice it so much at the time, but going back I saw things I did back then I would have fussed over a lot more later.

When I first wrote this out, it actually started as a novel, however I do like drawing so I ended up turning it into a comic. Though the story was the same overall,I changed around a bunch of things from the novel version to the comic script. Honestly I think the changes I made worked a lot better overall, so I felt like doing a bookish version as a rough draft before the script for Chapter 2 might have been the best approach. Gotta get out those less effective versions somehow!

Hmm, wondering some of those things that changed? Well for one, there was much less conflict (and really, this isn't all that conflict heavy a chapter so imagine how big of a misstep that was D: ) Basically, in the first draft the lady at the committee just let Anaerion do whatever he wanted on the condition he take Altaire along instead of stealing his ideas and giving him a different task entirely. Then all he had to be mad about was how annoying it'd be to have a cleric around, which didn't seem like such a worthwhile complaint.

Another notable change was Anae's battle to try and get his brother to eat that surely delicious mustard sandwich. Originally I thought it would have been fine to have Anae use magic to freeze Kaelem in place to force him to eat it, but then I thought that seemed a bit too mean.

Also, I am pretty excited to have Altaire get a few more lines in there, so back to work on Chapter 2. I might try to switch art programs to something that is a bit less touchy than what I have been using, so make that will spare a little time too. Hope to see you for Chapter 2!

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